Merino Moss Stitch Skinny Single Bed Runner (approx. 40cm x 130cm) Blend Colours

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The perfect size to lay across the end of the bed in true bed runner style, to add colour and texture to a room. These Skinny Bed Runners are approx: 40cm wide, so not quite wide enough to use as a blanket, but are beautiful decorative pieces. However because they are skinny, they do not use as much wool as other bed runners and are therefore a more cost effective way to have a chunky knit in your life!

Alternating knit and pearl gives a gorgeous pattern. This stitch is often called the ‘Seed Stitch’ as it looks a little like lots of seeds.

The Fairytale colours contain sparkles for that extra wow factor!.

Please note, tassels/pompoms are not included but can be found as a separate listing and can be added in the same colour as your chosen blanket, or you can mix it up with different colours!

Care Instructions:

The wool used is un-spun wool, which I lightly felt to make it as durable as possible, without loosing its chunky squidgyness. Due to this, all merino wool items are luxury items and and need to be treated with this in mind. As with all wool products, piling may occur over time, but this is not a defect and can be trimmed off with sharp scissors, or gently teased away and smoothed back down by hand, if required.

Merino wool is stain resistant, so any spills should come away through spot cleaning, by blotting with cold water. However when necessary, it should be Dry Cleaned only. I usually find that giving it a good airing by shaking it out usually plumps it up a bit. 
For more information, please see 'Materials' page.



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