Materials / Care

Merino Wool

Merino wool is super chunky and super soft as it is 'un-spun' yarn, which means the thousands of tiny strands that it is made of, are not 'Spun' together. This makes them lovely and squidgy and soft, but very delicate.

I process (felt) Merino wool slightly, which lightly binds the fibres meaning they are less likely to come away with friction. However if Merino Wool is felted too much, it looses it's luxurious squidgy feel, so I aim to make it as durable as possible without loosing this attractive characteristic. To help keep Merino Wool looking its best, it is advised to avoid too much friction, as the more friction there is, the more likely it is that piling will occur. Therefore Merino Wool items are luxury items, designed for decorative purposes and occasional use and will have a long lifespan if cared for with this in mind. If however piling does occur, please note that this is not a defect, but simply the nature of the yarn. If you do not like the look of the piling (it doesn't bother some people!), it can be carefully trimmed off with sharp scissors, or gently teased away by hand and loose bits smoothed back down and tucked away. Stroking your blanket (in the same direction - stroke towards the cork tag as a way of remembering which direction) will help further bind the fibres and keep your blanket looking its best.


Merino wool, is real wool from the Merino sheep (not surprisingly, thats how it got its name!). It is thought to be the softest wool around (it is soo soft!) and in some places the Merino sheep is bred just for its gorgeous coat. Not only is it super soft, but it also has these other extremely useful qualities too: Flame Retardancy, Odour Resistant, Stain Resistant, Water Resistant, Naturally Elastic, Plus... it is breathable and therefore able to regulate body temperature (more so when in contact with the skin) so you will not over heat! Amazing Huh! Oh and did I say it is ecological in its production! Got to love Merino Wool.

Care Instructions:

Merino wool is stain resistant, so any spills should come away through spot cleaning by blotting with cold water. However when necessary, it can be Dry Cleaned only. I usually find that giving it a good airing by shaking it out, usually plumps it up a bit and freshens it up!

As mentioned above, piling may occur over time, but this can be trimmed off with sharp scissors or gently teased away by hand if it bothers you.