Cable stitch, rib stitch, tassels, pompoms - you choose!

Chunky knits are a luxury item, so it is important that you get it just right, thats why I offer options in terms of material, size and colours. But did you know, you can also choose to add Tassels or Pom Poms when you place your order? And you can choose what stitch you would like! All items come in the traditional Stockinette Stitch (see below), however, there are different stitches available too (see below)! If any take your fancy, simply 'add a note to seller' at checkout, telling me what stitch you would like! 
If thats not enough options, did you know I can also custom make if the size you are after isn't in my Catalogue? Simply message me the details and I will give you a quote at the same rate as the standard sizes.

Available Extras

All orders will come plain, however you have the options to add tassels or pom poms at checkout, if they take your fancy!


One tassel in each corner of your blanket / bed runner.

Corner Pom Poms

Where one giant pom pom is placed in each corner of you blanket/bed runner.


Available Stitches

Unless specified, all orders will come in the standard 'stockinette' stitch, however if you want something a bit different, simply 'add a note to seller' at the checkout.

Stockinette Stitch

The classic stockinette stitch - looks beautiful in all colours. 

Cable Stitch

Given its name as it looks like twisted cable - I LOVE this stitch in the Oyster Merino wool. 

Heart cable stitch

This cable stitch can be seen in two different ways - some people see intertwined diamond shapes and others see intertwined hearts!

Alternate twist stitch

Strategically twisting each stitch gives this lovely effect.

Double Twisted Rib Stitch

A slight 'twist' (excuse the pun) on the classic rib stitch. A single twisted rib stitch is also available on request.

Double Rib Stitch

Typically used on bed runners, but works just as well on a cosy blanket. A single rib stitch is also available on request.

Moss Stitch

Alternating knit and pearl gives this gorgeous affect.