Knitted Acrylic Large Blanket / Bed Runner (Rib Stitch)

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A washable chunky knit that will keep you super cosy and warm and also look beautiful when not in use. This material is quite stretchy, so this blanket is very versatile. It could be used as a bed runner or a big blanket.

I only have a limited stock at the moment but more stock and colours will be added soon!

Stitch: Rib Stitch

Size: Approx: 100cm x 180cm


Care Instructions:

Made from 100% Acrylic thread which is knitted into a thicker yarn. I then hand knit with this chunky knitted yarn, to make your Chunky Knit Item.

Knitted Acrylic isn’t quite as chunky as Merino Wool, but unlike Merino Wool, it doesn’t pile with friction/use, meaning you can snuggle with this chunky knit without worrying about ruining it. The larger stitches can be caught/ pulled but will go back with a good shake. The smaller stitches (within the yarn itself) can be pulled with sharp objects (i.e. little claws) just like a knitted jumper can and these are harder to remove, it is therefore advised to keep away from sharp objects. If a small pull does occur, DO NOT cut it as this will create a whole in the yarn. Instead it is advised to leave it, or carefully try to pull it back into shape.

Knitted acrylic can be machine washed when necessary on a cool wash and gentle spin. Dry flat and DO NOT tumble dry.